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Benefits Of Working With A Preferred Lender

When working with one of The Havens’ preferred lenders, you’re not just working with a mortgage company. You’re working with a lending partner who is familiar with the community, the new home purchase processes, and any special requirements. This saves you time and extra expense, plus the advantage of keeping everyone on the same page. Our preferred lenders are pre-screened to provide you with a faster, less-complicated financing experience. Additionally, they offer a full range of loan options, competitive rates, and expert mortgage counseling.


Loan Application and Approval

If you have not already done so, please provide either of the preferred lenders shown below a completed loan application and any supplemental documentation. Although you can close escrow with a lender of your choice, the Seller will require full loan approval with a preferred lender as a term of the purchase agreement. 


Paying Cash for Your Home

If you desire to pay cash for your new home purchase, we kindly as that to provide proof of the entire cost of the home to one of the preferred lenders via their secure link, which they can provide you with. Please note that identifying your purchase as all cash will become a binding term of the escrow.

The Haven’s Preferred Lenders